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Have you ever driven past a historical house that was painted in a bright color scheme? These homes are called Painted Ladies and have carved out a niche in the home restoration market. Painted Ladies are old Victorian and Edwardian style homes that date back from mid-to-late 1800’s and are painted in a distinctly colorful fashion so as to highlight architectural details.


Painted Ladies Coloriest Movement


The Painted Ladies of San Francisco were the first to begin this architectural trend but cities all across the United States have followed in close pursuit. The trend comes out of the post-WWII era when artist and painter Butch Kardum began mixing blues and greens to paint the exterior of his Victorian home. He received criticism from some, however, many local owners of Victoria- style homes quickly followed suit and Kardum became the colorist and creative behind the movement. The colorist movement, as it was called, quickly gained popularity throughout the country and even earned distinction in popular culture, showing up in TV shows, movies, and postcards.


The Painted Ladies colorist movement has become a source of artistic expression for homeowners of Victorian-style homes. Homeowners and restoration companies alike take great pride in painting and restoring these beautiful homes into something both unique in their contemporary creativity and historic relevance.


Chicago Painted Ladies


Chicago boasts a large variety of Painted Ladies primarily in it Evanston, Old Irving Park, Oak Park, and Hyde Park. These historical landmarks have become a source of attraction, praise, and competition in Chicago. Every year Chicago holds a competition called “Chicago’s Painted Ladies & Her Court Competition” which awards local homes and businesses for the beauty and craftsmanship of their exterior paint job.


Fortune Restoration Painted Ladies


Fortune Restoration is honored to have worked with many of Chicago’s Painted Ladies, helping to restore and paint them so they too can become part of an artistic movement. We take great pride in helping to preserve some of Chicago’s greatest historical homes. These homes are not only beautiful on their own but they significantly add creativity and artistic expression to the community around them.


At Fortune Restoration we are honored to have helped bring Painted Ladies into the communities of Chicago for over 36 years. As spring approaches there is no better time to have your historical home restored and painted. We work closely with homeowners to realize their visions for their home. Request an estimate on your home and get your restoration and painting project started. Call us today!