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Tuck pointing has substantial advantages for preserving your building and saving you money. If you own a historical building with exposed masonry, Fortune Restoration has the necessary tuck pointing contractors in Chicago to repair and preserve the life of the structure.


When Tuck Pointing is Needed

Mortar joints last around 35 years, depending on the masonry units.  This is because when the masonry units are laid with cement mortar, the mortar joints can become damaged from excessive water exposure and tough weather conditions. If left too long without repair, structural stability of the surface may be compromised. Fortune Restoration is well equipped with professional tuck pointing contractors in Chicago to restore your structure before any expensive teardown or rebuild is necessary.


Tuck Pointing Prevents Erosion

Our tuck pointing process stops the mortar joints from eroding away. We grind or rake out old mortar in certain areas and then fill it back in with a relatively waterproof, newer mortar. Applying these new mortar joints prevents water from entering the mortar and seeping into the structure. Without this, the moisture will cause mold, rotting, and other hidden damage.  Our services allow the strength of the structure to be restored so the structure will not begin to erode, lean, or eventually collapse.


Tuck Pointing is a Cost-Effective Solution

If the structure goes too long without restorative tuck pointing, it will eventually collapse or need to be torn down. A complete rebuild after a collapse or tear down will cost you a drastically longer amount of time and money in comparison to tuck pointing. If you employ tuck pointing services before it is too late, Fortune Restoration will be able to provide professional restoration at a practical cost.


Tuck Pointing Improves the Value of your Building

If you want to increase the value of your building, a tuck pointing restoration will improve the quality and attractiveness of the building. No matter if it is a home, business, or historical landmark, an experience in a newly restored property will be valued much higher. It will look more aesthetically pleasing especially if the damage has already been substantial. Also, the second most important factor for real estate investments is the valuation of the property. Proving the structure has been frequently restored will be more attractive to future real estate opportunities.


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